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We are a purpose-driven organization on a mission to bring science-backed well-being interventions to organizations so you and your people can flourish.

Are your people flourishing?

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The cost of workforce disruptions to the global economy is estimated at $230B

Annual productivity loss is calculated from health-related absenteeism, distraction, and turnover costs.

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11.5M US workers quit their jobs in April 2021

Gallup found that 48% of employees are actively looking for new opportunities.


Nearly 9 in 10 employees report that workplace stress affects their mental health

72% of employees report feeling burned out compared to 42% pre-pandemic.


The workforce is in crisis and companies need help. 

  • Failure to understand unique problems within the organization

  • Deployment of one-size-fits-all solutions

  • Underestimation of effort  required to make impact

  • Failure to measure results

The FLORENS Method

Support through Integration,

Co-Creation, and Operationalized



Start with a simple assessment to map out your organization's well-being priorities and deploy interventions through a phased approach specifically designed for your people.


Establish a rollout plan for all aspects of your organization to create a sustainable, scalable approach to well-being.


A constant feedback loop ensures program is well-received and measured for success. The FLORENS' focus on deep listening builds critical trust between workers, managers, and executive leadership.

About Us

We are a purpose-driven organization on a mission to bring qualitative and quantitative science-backed well-being interventions to your organization so people can flourish.

Co-create interventions that are rooted in science and backed by peer-reviewed well-being research from the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University.

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The Domains of Flourishing

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The “Flourish” measure is obtained by summing the scores from each of the seven domains.  Each of the questions is assessed on a scale of 0–10.


“We spend a great deal of our lives working, and what happens in the workplace affects the rest of our lives


When companies and individuals carry out work well it can be one of the central pathways to flourishing. 


It can lead to greater engagement, help form character, be a forum for social relationships, and contribute to the good of society.”

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