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About Us

FLORENS offers a new way for organizations to approach helping their people. 

We are a purpose-driven organization on a mission to bring quantitative and qualitative science-backed interventions to organizations so people can flourish. We are a collective of leading companies and scholars who have deep experience working with human resource organizations and executive teams. 

We provide a human flourishing system that can be deployed at work. Find out where people need help and help them. We offer a SaaS driven technology platform and a human flourishing system accelerator designed to address the incredible complexity and challenges of our world. It sits at the intersection of technology and humanity, recognizing a person’s place of work is also that person’s context and community. 

We believe in growth for both; when employees flourish, organizations thrive. 


We start with what we know, data and people at work.


We are committed to helping people flourish everywhere.

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