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Flourishing is a business imperative. To address employee whole-human needs, organizations must understand how well their people are doing.

With support from the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University community, FLORENS Collective and Executive Networks, the Annual Global Well-Being Survey results have been published. 

Designed to align with the scientific approach of studying global human flourishing, this survey gathered feedback from employees, team leaders, and executive leaders of the top 2000 companies to provide actionable insights and recommendations.

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Flourishing is a business imperative. FLORENS offers a new way for organizations to support their people, bringing flourishing to life by starting with data and deep listening. They work to understand employees and how they intersect as part of a broad ecosystem—a system that extends far-beyond company walls.  As each employee flourishes, their well-being ripples through to their work, families, and community—proof that one company can impact, positively and with long-lasting effects, the world around it. The FLORENS mission is simple: learn a lot about people and the systems they work within—then help them. 

Executive Networks

Global 1000 Human Resources Leaders trust Executive Networks to facilitate safe, meaningful, and innovative peer conversations that deliver accelerated, relevant insights and solutions. Heads of Human Resources and their teams will find networks that apply directly to their role and support their company’s strategy and growth plans. Leaders who are looking for authentic peer connections and the assurance of confidentiality while adding value for their organization through sharing industry-agnostic insights appreciate the support and research Executive Networks can provide.

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